George Angelo

Years of Experience: Lifetime

Position: CEO & Founder

M.A in Philosophy.

Specialization includes: Political Science, English, History, Sociology and Finance  

I went to school my whole life, only to realize that the sole set of skills that I had actually acquired were those necessary in completing school work to the highest of degrees. If I’m an expert in anything, then it's surely in the art of writing essays, summaries, research papers, reviews, and ultimately any related work. Sure, C's do get degrees...but wouldn't you rather get an A+?

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CEO and Founder - Mr. Angelo

Dr. Raphael Abrams

Years of experience: 20+
Position: Lead Writer

Princeton Graduate. Currently working as a professor in Canada. Specialization: philosophy, political science religion, history, classics, English, Jewish studies and more.


TO relieve you of your school related stress, and to get you the grade you want (and Deserve).

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We are a team of University Graduates, and each of us specializes in a particular academic field. We know what it takes to be successful at school, since that's what we've been doing our entire lives. We can write papers at any level, under the strictest of timelines, and we can attain your desired letter grade. 

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Angelique dubois

Years of experience: 6

Specialization: psychology,  liberal arts, English and French.

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Disclaimer: We sell high quality research, not actual results. We are not responsible for the ways in which you utilize our customized writing. What you do with your paper is fully up to you, and so we are not responsible for any academic implications. Each paper produced by EssayRUs is 100% unique, non plagiarized and will not be re-utilized or re-cycled.  

Joshua Sekera

Years of experience: 13

Mr. Sekera has an education in business & finance. Specialization includes all business papers, management studies, economics, and more.